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Coinhive Monero Miner:

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To help offset server costs, and as a way of donating to me without the need for actual cash on your end, I've set up a cryptocurrency miner.

This will mine Monero for me, using your computers CPU, through this web page.

* NO downloads!
* NO installs!

Just hit "START MINING" and begin donating!

If you still wish to donate money in quicker/larger amounts, click on my Donate button below!



Q: What is cryptocurrency mining?
A: It’s process, which involves a lot of calculations, designed to find “proper hashes” in a virtual heap of “all hashes” over a certain period of time. You can compare it to searching for a needle in a haystack. Once you (or a pool of users) find the needle, you (or the said pool) receive the reward – a digital coin. If you were mining alone, the reward is all yours. If the pool was involved, the reward is divided between all members, depending on the percentage of their work in finding that particular needle.

Q: What is browser mining?
A: It’s a relatively new way of mining, which is done via Javascript + specific libraries right in the browser, without installing and running any applications. It can run on any OS, on any device with a modern browser. It uses only the CPU for mining and can’t get access to GPU or anything outside browser windows, so it’s very secure and safe. The only downside is perfomance. The current CoinHive script I use here is 45% slower than a standalone miner would be on the same CPU.

Q: Does the browser affect mining speed?
A: Yes. For example, the recent Firefox Quantum browser shows a faster calculation of hashes compared to the generic Firefox or Chrome installs.

Q: What are those settings and numbers about, I don’t understand?
A: Hashes per second is actually the speed your CPU finds those hashes in a new “block”. The larger number you see – the better. Threads relates to your actual cores/threads available. For example, if you have an i5 processor, it has 4 cores/4 threads, so if you set the number to 4 – all threads will be used. It’s not recommended to launch more threads than your CPU is capable of. Throttle is a load, at which you want each thread to be running. For example, on an i5 CPU, if you set 4 threads and throttle to 50%, the total CPU load will be 50%. If you set 2 threads and 100% throttle – you’ll get the same 50% total load. 4 threads and 100% throttle will load your PC to 100% usage.

Q: Is it profitable at all?
A: Yes and no.  It all depends on how many users are mining for me.  A couple hundred people mine using ~50% of their CPU, it would come to a few dollars per day.  Of course, that also depends on the exchange rate of XMR to USD.  This will in NO way make me "rich".  That's just not going to happen.  But it WILL help offset costs for the server, even if it is a small amount.

Q: How do I know if your miner won’t overheat my PC?
A: You can use a program like CoreTemp to monitor your systems temperature. Add threads and load slowly and see when you have to stop. Anything above 150 degrees (F) is not recommended without proper cooling.

Q: Can I mine on my phone or tablet?
A: You can, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Mining rapidly drains battery.  Stick to using a laptop or desktop, something with a direct power feed from the wall.

FAQ taken and slightly reworded from FitGirl